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021. I let you get the best of me, 'cause there's nothing else that I do well. [Apr. 8th, 2005|12:28 pm]
[music |The Spill Canvas- All Hail The Heartbreaker]

I haven't spoken to anyone except Rick since I heard about Ashley/Craig.I'm bored. Why is everything in my life so dull? And why does everything hurt?

I'm at home. Again. Because I make very bad decisions. OF COURSE HE WAS A PERVERT, ELEANOR. WHAT ELSE? HOW STUPID ARE YOU?

I'm really not in the mood to go out. But I will if someone invites me, kay?

Blah blah out like a boner in sweats blah blah

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020. this is a public service announcement, this is only a test. [Apr. 4th, 2005|05:44 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Green Day- Warning]

First off- I'm fine. I'm in Windsor with Jared. For those of you whodon't know where Windsor is, Check out this map. I'll be back. I don't know, don't know when, but I will.

Anyways. I talked to JT last night I miss him like fucking crazy. he seems....i won't go there. Anyone, please. I need your fucking help. I neeed to talk to a few people about this. 'Cause I just...do. Yeah.

This is the most pointless fucking entry. I'll be back in a few days, kay?

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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2005|05:09 pm]
private. out of character.Collapse )
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018. she's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous. [Mar. 29th, 2005|06:44 pm]
[music |Green Day- She's A Rebel]

Montreal, Montreal, Montreal. Craig barfed on me and we harrassed Montrealean people. It was fun for the most part...when I wasn't feeling guilty. And it would have been more fun if JT was there. So yeah. I guess I had an ..okay time in Montreal. I need to finish unpacking. Even though it's fucking stupid, as I'm going to repack anyways.
Closer came out on DVD today! I now officially own 4/6 of the Jude with Law six movie-span. Alfie, I hearts; Huckabees, and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. That's so Jude. and Manning.

Wow. Did I just spend a whole...paragraph talking about Jude with Law? I'm so dull. I'm out.

Llie to the E.
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017. I want to take you to a wasteland I like to call my home- welcome to paradise. [Mar. 24th, 2005|09:21 pm]
[music |Green Day- Welcome To Paradise]

I make Craig want to la la, in the kitchen, on the floor. I can't help but feel...guilty because of what we did. And I know he feels guilty. And we're both dreading telling J.T. and he's jealous because I am the love of my own life and he's not. And he blows his snot on my dress.

I went to the mall yesterday. Fixed things with Sean and rebuilt my DVD collection. Hung out with J.T. Same old, same old.

Is there anything going on this weekend? Because I need a life. desperately.

Out like acid-washed jeaaaaans.
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